I vaguely remember stepping onto the stage, at the age of four, in what seemed to the best costume ever. I wore that prepossessing, bright orange pumpkin dress with the utmost pride. I could see nothing but the single beam of light that shone on the platform, behind the sea of darkness. This sea is what we dancers call the audience. I don’t recall the name of the song, the beat or even the choreography but what I do recall is how that performance made me feel. That recital night I fell in love with dance. That deep rectangular cove with floor boards is where I feel most comfortable. It is what defines me or rather where I give myself definition.


The RIDDIM World Dance Troupe strives to offer different styles of dance to the Middlebury College Community.


The Dance Company of Middlebury is an essential component of advanced studio course offerings. It is open by audition to sophomores through seniors and offers students opportunities to explore collaborative, interdisciplinary, and community engagement projects through dance.  

“To see me dance is to hear my heart speak.” – Oraine Frater, L’Acadco Dance Force: Principal Dancer