About Me

I have two passions: art and technology; I’m a firm believer that involvement in the arts instills discipline and provide a gateway for creative thought and expression; both of which fuel my interest in the pervasive and powerful nature of technology. Technology is a tool created by humans for the advancement and evolution of our species.  Growing up, I wasn’t the child who ever had a solid idea of what she wanted to be in the future. But one thing that never seemed to leave, was my fascination with technology. It is my hope that someday, soon, I will be able to meaningfully bridge the gap between arts and sciences in my home country, as dance has afforded me the opportunity to understand and appreciate the views and beliefs of others while building confidence and shaping my outlook on life.

I’m a junior at Middlebury College, majoring in Computer Science and concentrating in Biochemistry and Gender, Sexuality & Feminism Studies. I was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to the United States in pursuit of a Liberal Arts Education for intellectual and personal growth.